Using Centrifugation in Cell Therapy Manufacturing


Centrifuges play a crucial role in cell therapy manufacturing processes. Cell therapy involves the use of living cells to treat various diseases and medical conditions. Centrifuges are utilized at different stages of cell therapy manufacturing for various purposes, including cell separation, cell washing, and cell concentration.

Here are some specific ways centrifuges are used in cell therapy manufacturing:

  1. Cell Washing: Cells often need to be washed to remove unwanted substances such as media, culture media components, or cell debris. Centrifugation enables the separation of cells from the washing solution, allowing for their subsequent use or further processing.
  2. Cell Concentration: In some cases, cell therapy manufacturing requires increasing the concentration of cells. Centrifugation can be employed to retain cells while removing excess liquid. This concentrated cell suspension can then be used for further processing or therapeutic administration.
  3. Media Exchange: During the cell culture process, it may be necessary to change the growth media to provide fresh nutrients and remove waste products. Centrifugation can be used to remove the old media and concentrate the cells before adding new media, ensuring an effective exchange.
  4. Cell Harvesting: At the end of the cell culture process, when the cells have reached the desired stage of growth, centrifuges can be used to harvest the cells from the culture vessels. Cells are concentrated by centrifugation and subsequently processed for downstream applications, such as formulation into a final therapeutic product.

Overall, centrifuges are integral tools in cell therapy manufacturing, facilitating cell separation, concentration, washing, and harvesting steps. These processes are critical for obtaining high-quality, viable cells that can be used in the development of cell-based therapeutics.

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