Stainless Steel Centrifuges

CIP and SIP-able Systems

CIP and SIP Stainless Steel Systems

Our reliable and robust stainless steel equipment addresses even the most challenging separations. Leading biopharmaceutical companies around the world rely on our machines to manufacture their licensed products. Clean-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilize-in-Place (SIP) systems can be used during product or batch changes to prevent contamination.

Powerfuge Family

  • Designed for bacteria, fungi, proteins and sub-micron particles
  • Proven for the production of plasmid DNA, vaccines, plasma protein, cellular agriculture and specialty chemicals
  • G-forces up to 20,000 x g, the highest g force in the market
  • Bowl volumes from 1.1 L to 36 L
  • Flow rate from 250 ml/min to 1700 L/hr
  • Solid-bowl centrifuges
  • Automatic solid discharge
  • SIP/CIP capabilities
  • Hazardous duty option available

Viafuge Family

  • Designed for mammalian, insect and plant cells
  • Typical cell viability of 98% or higher
  • Yield up to 98%
  • G-forces up to 10,000 x g
  • Bowl volumes from 1.4 L to 16.7 L
  • Flow rate 2,400 L/hr
  • Solid-bowl centrifuges
  • Automatic centrate discharge
  • SIP/CIP capabilities

Key Features

Advantages of Our Equipment

Our long history and deep expertise with pioneering separation technology allows us to deliver top-performing solutions through a reliable supply chain.


Our reliable and robust centrifuges address even the most challenging separations.


Our equipment accommodates small process development volumes to very large commercial needs, allowing for seamless scale-up and scale-down.


Our stainless steel centrifuges are designed to serve a variety of markets.

Stainless Steel Centrifuges

The Powerfuge® Family

Powerfuge centrifuges are well suited for separation of bacteria, fungi, proteins, and sub-micron particles. At the end of a run, compressed solids can be removed with minimal time and effort.

Stainless Steel Centrifuges

The Viafuge® Family

The Viafuge centrifuges are low-shear stainless steel systems designed for separation of mammalian, insect and plant cells with typical cell viability of 98% or higher.


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