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Single-Use System

The UFMini is a single-use centrifuge designed for primary clarification of mammalian cell cultures (i.e., CHO cells), and harvesting (washing & concentrating) stem cells and other types of cells for biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications. This user-friendly system is the scaled-down version of our successful UniFuge® single-use centrifuge. The UFMini is intended for use in cleanrooms, in laminar flow hoods, and on benchtops.

  • Bowl capacities: Choose from 75mL Micro or 300mL Mini
  • Flow rate from 29-1,000 mL/min
  • Small footprint: Centrifuge Enclosure 69 cm x 56 cm x 38 cm (27” x 22” x 15”)
  • Easy to handle: Total skid weight of ~40 kg (90 lbs)
  • Gamma-irradiated single-use modules
  • Processes scalable to UniFuge® Pilot and U2k®

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