Single-Use Centrifuges

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Benefits of Single-Use Systems

Minimize Contamination While Improving Recovery

We have been at the leading edge of single-use centrifuges for decades. Today, top biopharma companies rely on our machines to manufacture licensed products. Single-use systems leverage pre-sterilized modules to minimize contamination risks and mitigate the comparatively complex and expensive cleaning, validation, and commissioning times of traditional stainless steel centrifuges while reducing water and utility cost.

The UniFuge® family provides low-shear separation, high-recovery performance and fast processing time. With three sizes, the UniFuge enables linear scaling, providing seamless transition from benchtop process development to commercial manufacturing. The systems are easy to operate, simplifying training and requiring fewer staff than traditional centrifuges. These also have a small footprint.

  • 100% closed system
  • Low shear
  • Clear center
  • Reduce filtration needs by 85%
  • Set up and change over within 15 min
  • Cell viability up to 98%
  • Yield up to 98%
  • Confidently scale up to the U2k® or scale down to the UFMini®
  • Variable speed up to 4,000 x g
  • Reduce HCP and other contaminants
  • GMP-compliant data trail 21cfrPart11
  • Extractables data available
  • SAL level 10-6

Key Features

Advantages of Single-Use Centrifuges

Easy-to-use, reliable equipment that delivers high product recovery.


Our proven low-shear technology boasts up to 98% yield and 98% or higher typical cell viability.


Our equipment can be used from development to commercial licensure and across different reactor volumes.

Ease of Use

Our machines are rapid to install and simple to operate.

Small Footprint

Our single-use centrifuges have a small footprint.


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