Case Study

The Challenge

A company producing recombinant protein in high-density CHO cell cultures was searching for an efficient solution to separate the desired protein from the cell culture broth and to eliminate primary filtration.

We Used

The UniFuge® Pilot was used to explore the processing of CHO cell culture broths. Our scalable single-use and stainless steel solutions offer the ability to fully eliminate stage one filtration while increasing product recovery. The ability to scale up to the U2k (with its high capacity) and to scale down to the UFMini (with its small capacity) makes the UniFuge family a great fit for the needs of CDMOs and Originator companies.

The Outcome

We were able to successfully separate the desired protein from the broth coming from a single-use bioreactor at a rate of 4 L/min. With the low-shear inlet and non-shear discharge mechanism, it was possible to remove the cells and cell debris and achieve the desired 10 NTU result of centrate prior to the 0.2-micron filter.

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