Cellular Agriculture

Case Study

Cellular Agriculture requires a fast but gentle cell harvest solution that is scalable from R&D, to Pilot, to production scale. In addition, the ability to wash the harvested cells in order to remove the growth and/or disassociation media is highly desirable. We offer both cleanable and single-use solutions that meet these requirements. Our single-use solutions reduce the need for special cleaning regimes, decreasing equipment set up, idle time and changeover time. It also eliminates the need for additional infrastructure such as Sterilize-in-Place and Clean-in-Place skids.

The Challenge

A company needed a solution to collect and concentrate and wash animal suspension cells grown in a bioreactor. The cells were considered fragile and required a fast-processing time for quality and cost purposes.

We Used

The UniFuge® Pilot was selected. The UniFuge is a low-shear technology that promotes fast processing time. We recommend the UFMini® as a tool to conduct Design of Experiments (DOE) and further characterize the process as a scale-down model.

The Outcome

Cells were successfully processed from the bioreactor through the centrifuge and into a product collection vessel. We successfully captured and concentrated the cells during the centrifugation process and washed the resulting cell slurry prior to discharge from the single-use module.

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